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Record. Pause. Repeat.

Roofless Production is an independent film production company based in Erftstadt, Germany.

Located near the golden fields of the suburb of Cologne, Roofless is synonymous with being outdoors and off the road. Since we loved playing outside as a kid, the journey continues for us as an adult. This is how we were birthed as artists, passionists and visionaries with enough naivety to see the artistic process through. Equipped with cameras, we are trusting our seven senses to the fullest to not stopping till the job is completed with the attention it deserves. 

We produce high quality documentary and commercial films with fascinating content and meaningful narratives. Roofless works together with other German film and television studios to provide them with camera, sound & lighting expertise. Furthermore we create marketing films for companies, artists and organizations all over the world. We will put the perfect team together with our own index of freelancers to develop your next creative work. A young duo with charisma and creative skills in production and postproduction.

We want to:


create with you,

document interesting narratives,

inspire change,

to capture and conserve the beauty of our planet through film.

Malte Krause

Malte Krause


Philipp Sterk

Philipp Sterk

Director of Photography

Malte is Co-Founder and Director of Roofless.

He loved playing with cameras since he was a kid. He graduated as a media designer/filmmaker and has over 4 years of experience in the film industry.


Malte worked for different companies where he directed and shot films for commercial purposes in the industry and social media section. He believes that through film we can shed a light on issues that need to be addressed and talked about 


His creativity and passion for human-empowerment is immensely important to the work we do and the content we create. Malte has the ability to connect with people and make them feel seen, heard and valued, which is such a gift and so necessary in terms of our work. He wants to create real change by sharing stories through film and connecting people across the world. 

His ambitions for filmmaking are irreplaceable to Roofless. Whenever we encounter an unplanned barrier, we fall back on his talent for improvisation.

"It's not the problem that creates the difficulties,

but our point of view.”

 (Victor E. Frankl)

Philipp is Co-Founder and Director of Roofless.

plays an important role in the making of our films. He graduated as a media designer/filmmaker and became our Director of Photography through the years. 

Phil has over 5 years experience in the film industry and comes from a television & commercial background, where he worked on high-end productions all over the world.

Through his expertise and experience, he has developed a unique visual style, which shines through in every one of our films. He has a talent for capturing moments in a beautiful and cinematic way, giving a real edge to documentary storytelling. This adds so much value to the films we produce. His experience in documenting people all over the world is essential to tell stories in a honest and faithful way.


His passion for wildlife conservation is invaluable to Roofless and our companies philosophy. He is even a great cutter, but don't tell him... He is more into Color Grading nowadays.

"Without darkness there cannot be light."

(Moral from Star Wars)

Based on our personal interests in nature & wildlife conservation, environmental protection is part of Roofless's philosophy. We are proud to be a supportive part of Amakali Conservation. A decent amount of our companies profit will be donated as a annual contribution to Amakali.

If you are interested in comprehensive expertise to protect natural habitats, secure biodiversity and promote healthy ecosystems, please check out their website for more information.

Amakali Conservation
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