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  • What is a Imagefilm?
    An imagefilm is a short promotional film that presents companies or brands. Unlike conventional commercials, it gives an overall impression of the company, showing employees, locations, products and services. It is intended to positively influence the image of the company and arouse interest. Typically, an imagefilm lasts 1 to 3 minutes.
  • Where can I use my image film?
    An image film can be used in a variety of ways to present the company or brand and strengthen its image. It can be used on the company website, at trade fairs and events and in social media. It can also be integrated into customer presentations, shown in the company lobby or linked in employees' email signatures.
  • What should be considered in the conception?
    How should the film be used? What is the main message? Who is the target audience? How much budget is available?
  • Where can we produce for you?
    Quite simply: We are based in Erftstadt (Germany) and operate worldwide.
  • What does an Imagefilm cost?
    The cost of an image film can vary greatly and depends on various factors such as length, scope and quality of the production. Since every film is individual, we offer customized solutions. Contact us for a personalized offer.


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