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Banijay Productions Germany wants to promote up-and-coming documentary filmmakers

During the production of our first documentary, we were actively supported by production giant Banijay Productions Germany under the direction of Marc Schlömer.

In the summer of 2021, we witnessed the flood disaster in our home town of Erftstadt up close. The documentary focuses on the situation of the residents of the Blessem district, who were affected by the environmental disaster, life after the flood and the psychological damage caused by the storm. What are the prospects for the village two years after the flood?

"After the documentary unit of Banijay Productions Germany recently realized several projects, the production company now wants to increasingly promote young talent. Initially, two films will be creatively and financially supported and co-produced."

"Marc Schlömer, Head of Doc.Banijay and Executive Producer: "With Malte and Philipp as well as Jonas and Mats, we have already been able to realize two beautiful documentaries. The two projects we are supporting are just the beginning. We want to continue to promote young talent in the future and support them on their path in the documentary sector. We look forward to exciting concepts and new ideas."

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