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Current Projects

Kalahari Black Rhino Conservation

March 2022 until today

Short documentary about the "Kalahari Black Rhino Conservation" in Namibia. Starring Max Sterk as ranger and conservation biologist from Germany. His monitoring and research work of black rhinos are the main topics of the film.

Heimatfilm Blessem (German)

July 2019 until today

A Documentary about our home town "Erftstadt Blessem-Frauenhal". We startet to plan the project in the summer of 2019 before the global pandemic. Background of the film was to show the beauty and culture of our city, a suburb of Cologne. After the  pandemic became less intense, a flood disaster reached our beloved town. We completely changed the subject of the documentary to talk about the dramatic catastrophe in 2021. A very personal production with focus on the affected people. Their stories need to be seen and heard.

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